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    Pull up a chair and rest your weary tail feathers! May I introduce myself. Please, call me Trahern. Drinks are on me! (all we serve is Dr. Pepper) As you all know, The Federation convicted me for embezzlement on the planet Earth about 274 years ago and exiled me. Of course, I will never admit such guilt but I do fit in rather well with most of you renegades.
    Here is a forum where we can communicate. Ask any question or make a statement that you want everyone else to read. Check it out!

    You cats want some advice?  I don't claim to be the best in the universe but over the years I learned a few interesting things about how TradeWars is played by most.  Feel free to state your opinion if you think I am as crazy as a starving Ferrengi.

"In My Opinion"

.    I frequent Merlin's Keep and I used to help him manage one of his universes.   His board is up and running again and it will stay up this time!   Click out Merlin’s Keep and I think you will see at least one game that you like.  He is the only game editor now so you should not experience any problems.

    Feel free to holler at me and make any recommendation you wish.   Perhaps you could join my team of TradeWars specialists and answer questions from newbies.  For whatever reason you wish, send me an email!

    Here is a page full of useful programs and documents for all TradeWars players.  If you know of something that isn't there but should be, let me know and I will do my best to get it there.

Tools For TradeWars

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The Official Trade Wars 2002 WebRing



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